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40 over 40 project - Christina - 44yo Mother, Life Coach and Motivator

September 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Christina - 44yo Mother, Life Coach and Motivator

When I first conceived of the 40 women over 40 project, I wanted to help empower and inspire women.  There were many reasons for this; a big one was to let women know that it is ok to be present.  By that I mean, exist in photographs.  Exist in them for your family, your kids, your partner, your friends and for yourself.  As women we often put everyone and everything before ourselves and often feel we don’t look good enough to be in those photographs.  Yet they will be come the most precious things in the world to someone should we no longer be around. Our family and friends love us for who we are, not what we look like.

So when Christina wrote to me, I knew I just had to tell her story.

There were lots of reasons Christina had avoided having photographs taken, but the biggest was that she had been overweight for most of her life.  At 5ft 3”, she weighed in at 110kgs at her heaviest and so avoiding photos was normal for her.  The biggest regret she had though was that there isn’t very many photos of her with her boys. Christina explains “this has led me to be very self conscious in the past and I still struggle seeing photos of myself and always pick up the faults I see”.

Following a steady path to self-improvement, Christina has lost in excess of 40kgs.  She also is working hard; starting her own Life Coaching business “Back Yourself Coaching” where she helps create life plans so people can live a more fulfilled life; a “life by design” as she explains it.  She also runs a regular women’s networking event called Business in Heels.  She describes her strengths as being determined and having perseverance in abundance, with the ability to problem solve and be creative.  With building her business, it hasn’t left much time for herself but she is following her passion and doing what she loves to do.  She also loves cooking and catching up with friends.

One thing she was not prepared for on her epic weight loss journey was for the loose skin that such a dramatic change would leave her with.  So several surgeries later, she is now comfortable with the skin she’s in.

Christina’s story is one of self improvement and self discovery.  She didn’t loose this weight overnight, it was a steady progression and her wanting to have her portraits done was a celebration of how far she has come.  I will let her explain how she felt:

“I was all ok about the photo shoot the night before I picked out some outfits. As usual I over packed, Kylee suggested 5, I think I took about 8!!!!  It was all going ok until I pulled up to the front door.  Then I started to get really nervous. I'm really not one for photos and there are very few photos of me around. I really don't consider myself to be very photogenic, so being in front of a camera is not my favorite place to be and let me tell you I have had plenty of practice at getting out of being in photos.  But there was no getting out of this one.  I mean sure, I could have just driven away, and yes, I did think of that, but I didn't want to let Kylee down.  So out I got with my eight outfits took a deep breath and into the studio I stepped.

I am very happy I did not listen to those voices in my head telling me to keep driving.  Spending the morning with Kylee and Mel in her studio was an amazing experience.  From the amazing make up by Mel to the last shot the experience was over whelming (in a good way) especially when I saw the first photos, I felt was going to cry but I was forbidden for fear of smudging the mascara.

I think the best thing about a Kylee experience is not that you come out looking like a supermodel but rather that you are looking like you, you know the you that you keep hidden deep down for fear that someone might laugh at her or tell her she is not all that after all, or laugh at her dreams."

You only need to meet Christina to be energised by her attitude and you can tell she loves what she does by the way she speaks about it.  If you are interested in talking to Christina about Life Coaching or you want more information on Business in Heels, you can email her on Canberra@businessinheels.com. You can also visit Business in Heels on the web or our local group Facebook page.

It was my pleasure to meet you and then photograph you Christina, your an inspiration to many people and I hope you continue to share your enthusiasm and that beautiful big smile with everyone you meet.


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