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40 over 40 - Celebrating you!!!

July 03, 2015  •  22 Comments

I'm searching for 40 woman over 40!!!!

True beauty comes from within.  Our intelligence, strength, courage, vulnerability and determination are what makes us beautiful.  Like a fine wine, woman get better with age. Most of us know this, but we often forget how important it is to appreciate that inner beauty.  Sometimes, we may not feel as beautiful on the outside as we do on the inside.  We get busy with our lives, raising families, working on our careers...or both.  

Life can take us in so many directions and everyone has a story to tell, good or bad, if you just take the time to listen.  I want to tell your stories.  I want to help you look and feel your best but most of all I want to empower you.  I know from experience what body issues and negative self-talk can do to your feeling of self-worth and I want to help you. 

My story is a complicated one but when I hit 30 years old I was at a cross-road.  I had not achieved what I thought I should have done at that age and I felt lost and lonely.  I had a marriage breakup and 2 young children and even though I was happy with how I looked, I felt empty & ugly on the inside. A failure.  Instead of being grateful for what I had, I started questioning why I didn't have more.  So in that moment, I decided to do something about it.  I applied and was accepted to dental hygiene school in Adelaide, something I had wanted to do for some time but because of other things going on in my life, I didn't pursue.  At the time I told myself it was because the kids were so young or that I financially couldn't afford to re-locate.  Truth is, I think I was scared of failing...or change...or both.  

So fast forward to when I hit 40 and wow, my life changed so much in 10yrs!  I studied and graduated from Uni and was working as a dental hygienist in a beautiful practice in Wanniassa. I had met a wonderful man, saw my beautiful boys grow up to be wonderful young men, volunteered with several organisations and the list goes on. I still felt good about my outward appearance but now I felt love for myself where before only hate and resentment resided. I had hit my stride and life was good!

Then I got sick.  The migraines started with one a month, then 2 a month and before long I was crippled by them, being forced to leave the job I loved so much and the people I used to treat everyday.  By 42 I had put on 10kgs and now at 44, I'm carrying 30kgs more than I want to be.  All because I got sick.  Migraines = inactivity = medications = weight gain.  I know I'm the same person on the inside, the one that picked herself up and dusted her selfoff numerous times to achieve what she wanted.  I know I am supposed to still feel accomplished and courageous, intelligent and determined, but my total disgust with my body image makes it so hard to see my inner beauty rationally.  My man is always telling me how beautiful I am but I never believe him, because I don't love myself. Or I didn't.

When deciding what my next 10yrs would look like, I decided to take the hand I was dealt and delve into my photography full time. I stopped photographing landscapes and babies & started photographing something that is so near and dear to my heart.


Women of all ages, sizes, races, sexuality.  I can honestly say, it makes my heart sing to get up in the morning knowing I'm going to change someones perception of themselves today.  Every day I hear the negative self talk a woman berates herself with and it makes me sad.  Not only for those woman but for myself.  I do it ALL the time to myself!  I have beautiful woman coming in to see me every day and I can't think of a single one that hasn't said something to put themselves down before we start shooting....do we do that to ourselves before others have the chance to say that to us? Maybe.  I know that little by little, I am trying to stop my negative self talk and starting to love myself again.  Its hard...but baby steps right. I'm a good person, a great mother, a great friend, a mentor, a confidant.  Someone that can be relied upon when you need her. I'm starting to find myself again and all the woman I have photographed in the last 12 months have contributed in getting me there.

So now it's payback time.  I'm looking for 40 woman over the age of 40 to photograph over the months of July and August. Each lady will be pampered with professional hair and makeup, some bubbles and a photoshoot with AIPP professional photographer Kylee from Wilomark Imagery...all free of charge.  You also receive a matted print with the option to purchase more. I want to celebrate you...your life, your loves, your passions.  Help you find something you thought you'd lost or celebrate you hitting your stride.  Help me to tell your story.

Follow this link to an online questionnaire that will ask you questions about yourself, be as honest and as thorough as you can.  Submissions will be accepted until Friday 17th July 2015.  You will be contacted to have a chat with me and to organise your session if you are one of the lucky 40.

I am so excited to embark on this project.  You can nominate yourself or a friend/mother/sister/aunt.  Feel free to share this post with your networks.

I look forward to hearing from you. 




Stacie Kaczmarek(non-registered)
This is such a powerful way to empower women who lack confidence with their own beauty image. I love it and even though I missed your deadline (while walking the Csmino across north-west Spain), I will most certainly enjoy watching those many flowerbuds you are cultivating in your studio to bloom! Good luck with this special project you are an inspirational woman.
Helen Cross(non-registered)
I would love to participate in your 40/40 project. I am 55 next month. I have battled and surviving major depression, breast cancer, a spinal fusion and the loss of 90% of my large bowel.
Natalie Hargreaves(non-registered)
Would love to be involved I am 41 and just renewed my vows in march this year.
Angela Hanley(non-registered)
Would love to be involved:-)
Wendy Downey(non-registered)
Hi, this sounds so exciting!. I have a chronic illness with swollen glands on my face. I feel ugly and old some days. I don't like to complain, there are people much worse off than me.
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