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Beginners Photography/Camera Workshop.

Have you got a camera and your interested in photography but your results just aren't what you want them to be???

Do you get confused with all the functions on your camera and what they all mean???

Do you want to understand what f-stops, shutter speed and iso are and how knowing these fundamentals can greatly improve your photography??? (tip...its not as scary as it sounds)

Then this workshop is for you!!

Learn everything you wish you knew when unwrapping your new camera.  This workshop will cover everything from the very basics (how to setup your camera) to composition and the technical skills that will get you off auto mode and really take your photography to the next level.  

The skills you learn will help you to perfect your image taking abilities, regardless of your subject mater.

Wildlife Photography


This workshop is hands-on, in the morning we will navigate our way around our cameras learning the basics about drive modes, white balance, exposure and how to adjust our setting to optimise the photo we are taking (eg. ideal settings to use for a portrait v ideal settings for a good landscape) then, after lunch, we will go out into the field (or the studio depending on the weather) and practise what we have learnt.  You will need to bring your own camera.


When: Saturday 8th August 2015

Time: 10am - 4pm lunch & information sheets will be provided

Cost: $300 per person

This course is limited to 5 participants.  Please call 62804220 for further information or click http://bit.ly/1ySf4yy to register now.