40 over 40 project - Sharon is a 50+ yo mother, grandmother, wife, daughter and registered nurse

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She's a Mother, grandmother, wife, daughter and registered nurse.


Sharon gives….a lot! She is a mother, grandmother, wife, and daughter.  She also works fulltime as a registered nurse; rarely giving herself the time that SHE deserves.  As she explained it “everyone else comes first”. 

I think, as women, we tend to do this a lot.  We don’t always acknowledge that in order to be really there for others, we have to take care of ourselves, mentally as well as physically. Or perhaps we do acknowledge this but life gets in the way!

I remember as a dental hygienist, talking day in and day out could be exhausting.  Although totally rewarding, it was important to take time out for myself and is the reason I got into photography in the first place, so I could relate to Sharon when she mentioned that to relax she loves walking and getting lost in thought or listening to music on those walks and enjoying the beautiful memories prompted by the songs.  She adores the ocean, so loves to walk along the beach but also enjoys a good movie, yoga.  Reading is a passion that she says she can’t get enough of.  She is a bit of a dreamer too, loves architecture and looking at houses and buildings, decorating…often dreaming about what could be in retirement.  She explained, “My needs are simple, good food, good wine, good health and good company!”.

When I asked why Sharon wanted to be a part of this project, she explained, “I am very critical of photos of myself, who knows why, but I never think I look good enough, I’m far too picky it seems!”.  She continued, “I would love to feel good and look good and have some lovely photos to give my mum and also to share with my husband and daughter.  I would like to prioritise myself for a change and not feel guilty about it!”.

Sharon has been a nurse for 35 years and it is obvious from talking with her that she has a passion for helping people.  She mentioned to me that it seems she is always an impromptu counsellor for friends and family and can spend long hours having coffee or wine and just being a great listener and a good support person.  

When I asked Sharon what she liked most about herself, it was that she is empathetic towards people and wants to improve the lives of others.  I don’t know about you, but I would say she would not have been able to be a nurse for 35 years without having a big dose of this quality. 

This is what Sharon said about her experience;

“When you contacted me to say I was one of the 40 chosen women I felt very lucky and privileged and was hoping that I was up to the task of morphing into a beautiful swan.

I had a few moments of stress trying to go through my wardrobe and find some ‘treasure' that would look OK in photographs but once that was done I started to look forward to doing something I had never thought I would ever do.

Today when I arrived I was feeling a mix of nervousness, excitement and anticipation. I was made to feel instantly at ease and also reassured that I was a beautiful woman in my own right even before I had my magic makeover! 'No negativity' is a great mantra!

You made me feel very comfortable and at ease and gave great directions which contributed to some amazing photographs. I enjoyed every minute and in all seriousness I did not have any idea I could look so glamorous. You truly are a wonderful inspiring generous person and I am looking forward to seeing the finished photographs.

Thanks again for helping me to see my inner beauty and make me feel like a princess for a day.”

It was our pleasure to give you something that you don’t give yourself Sharon; Time!  Thank you for sharing your story with us and we hope that you remember to take time out for yourself so you can continue to be a bright light for others.


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