40 over 40 project - Kylie, 42yo Mother, Assistant Principal and Emerging Butterfly

October 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When asked why Kylie wanted to participate in the 40 over 40 project, she explained it was because at 42 she was just starting a new life.  She has become independent again after 20 years of marriage and has left her old unhappy life behind.  She has discovered she possesses huge strength and the ability to put her head down and just forge on, all with her incredible 16-year-old daughter right beside her. That being said, she still feels she needs to learn who she is and believe that she is worthy of good things.  Kylie said, “although participating in the project would be confronting, it would attack my serious lack of self esteem head on”.

Kylie is an assistant principle at a local primary school and works really hard to bring joy and success to her students and teacher colleagues.  When she isn’t shaping the minds of tomorrow, she enjoys spending time with friends, doing things with her daughter and walks everyday with her gorgeous little dog.

I love meeting new people and I’m often surprised that those that appear to come across as buttoned up and in control, often lack confidence in themselves.  Kylie cited “lack of confidence” as the thing she liked least about herself and from just looking at her you would not have thought this lady was anything other than strong and confident. 

When Kylie arrived for her session, you could see the panic on her face.  She was well out of her comfort zone BUT she was here, she had followed through regardless of how she was feeling.  She did it for herself and she did it for her daughter.  I’m going to let her tell you how she felt;

When I received the email saying that I had been given a place in the 40 over 40 project I immediately wanted to pull out and not participate....that is what I have always done when it comes to me. However, my daughter gave me a stern talking to (16 yrs going on 30!) and really encouraged me to take the leap and put myself first for once.

Right up until the morning of photoshoot I experienced a roller coaster of emotions - fear, guilt, anxiety, excitement, privileged, OMG I’m going to be sick! etc etc. But, with shaking knees and feeling sick to my stomach, I hardened my resolve and got out of the car at Wilomark Studios.

From the moment I walked in the door, Kylee and Caroline were so welcoming and made me feel at ease. Kylee was very encouraging and chatted away like we were old friends. I couldn't believe how professional and inviting they were and the studio itself was private and comfortable. Both Kylee and Caroline made me feel so important, accepted and very cherished - I don’t do pampered or anything like it... I always avoid anything to do with looking at myself.

Wow I couldn't believe the results and the tears threatened immediately. I looked like me still but a pretty, feminine and sexy version so tastefully done. I looked and felt completely transformed and dare I say it....beautiful. We used my limited wardrobe to great effect and spent a few wonderfully fun hours posing for various shots that Kylee carefully created according to her expert knowledge and my comfort levels.

I am so grateful for the experience I had and so glad I fought hard to battle the fear of doing this project. I can't wait for my reveal session and hope that every woman involved in this project can have the same experience as I did.

That's one more personal demon I have overcome!!! Thank you so much Kylee, Caroline and Wilomark Studios.”

Kylie absolutely shone during her session.  I am so proud of her for pushing herself through and not only meeting her lack of self esteem head on but smacking it in the nose on the way past!!  Hold your head up high Kylie, you are on an amazing new journey, looking fantastic and we wish you all the happiness in the world.

BTW – she loved her photos ;)


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